ImEX Imaging System is the most advanced digital imaging, video and audio management system for collision repair facilities!

Wireless imaging

With the ImEX Imaging System (IIS) you can take digital images, make videos documenting the repair process or make voice memos, and automatically transfer them to the storage device attached to your network. IIS will eliminate the cumbersome, time consuming process of manual file management enabling your estimators to concentrate on more productive tasks. Only four steps are needed to complete the process.





A unique barcode is generated by the imaging system. This barcode can be printed on a weatherproof sticker, repair order folder, a worksheet given to technicians, an ID tag placed on the vehicle or any other document. Once the barcode is scanned by the water-proof and shock resistant camera, you are ready to use the ImEX Imaging System.





Take images, make videos or sound recordings

At this point, take as many digital images as you want. You can also make a video walking around the vehicle, documenting damage and vehicle condition. Make voice memos describing non-related damage or additional requests made by the customer.






Any image, video or sound recording made will be transferred over the shop’s secure wireless network and automatically linked with the estimate. Transferred files are always linked with the estimate and can be located by using customer’s name, claim #, R.O. #, estimate #, barcode or many other comprehensive search methods.





Store and share

All files are stored on a secure system with automatic mirror backup in place. This virtually eliminates the chance of your images or videos being lost due to hardware failure. All files are instantly accessible by users and computers on your network. The files can also be automatically inserted into an Audatex® estimating system, shared over email or remote access by authorized parties (i.e. private insurers or independent adjustors with prior authorization).





Deliver more finished repairs

As any tasks related to connecting the camera and/or manually managing the images are eliminated, your estimators will have more time to concentrate their efforts on other factors of the repair process. Time studies conducted within existing IIS users show labor saving of about 45-60 minutes per day per estimator. This can easily be translated into 2 extra repair jobs, finished and delivered to customers, per week per estimator, or an additional $4200.00 of gross revenue per week.


The IIS is available starting at just $99.00 per month. Initial setup fee applies.

To requests a no charge, no obligation demo please email the sales department or call 604-839-3431.

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