Effortless estimate and repair order creation

Repair orders

Creating repair orders and invoices is quick and effortless. The system is compatible with CIECA compliant estimating platforms. Transferring data is as easy as clicking the mouse…

  • Seamless interface to Audatex Estimating© – Just a few mouse clicks is all it takes to transfer an estimate and convert into a repair order. Guaranteed accuracy, no typing and most importantly no data re-entry is required.
  • Automated Repair Order Reconciliation – ImEX can eliminate the time consuming process of reconciling the actual invoice data (for parts purchased) with the actual repair order data (for parts being charged out) while monitoring the system for parts returned and/or credits received. Never lose a parts price increase again!
  • Real Time Job Profit Analysis – The software tracks how the job is progressing financially before it is completed.
  • Review compliance with “Performance Based compensation” programs – The system will allow monitoring and making adjustments to the estimate while the job is still in progress, helping you to comply with cost control programs
  • Work in progress tracking – instant, accurate reports for work in progress.
  • Open Systems Integration – ImEX integrates with many standard industry applications including CIECA compatible estimating systems and virtually any accounting system.
  • User controlled production schedule – includes vehicle mapping. Find the location of any vehicle in the shop, schedule sublets and delivery of vehicles.
  • Digital imaging module – attach and store digital images with estimates for future use. Display images full screen, zoom in or out, print or email them.
  • Compatibility with all major estimating platforms – import any industry compliant estimate from any estimating system including Audatex©, Mitchell© and CCC©.
  • Built in “Quick Quote” calculator – calculate repair cost including taxes and alternative transportation without having to enter repair data.
  • Accurate paint material cost – ImEX can be connected to your electronic paint mixing scale providing you with the actual cost for mixed paint, primer and clear.
  • Estimate and repair order notes – create an unlimited number of notes. Notes can be marked for printing with the estimate.
  • Cycle times – are automatically entered and tracked by the system.
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