Manage rental and service car fleet

Fleet management

The costs of having to provide a replacement vehicle for a customer can escalate out of sight. By using the built in module, you can monitor your fleet of replacement vehicles thus, effectively increasing your bottom line.

Automated service car module – issue a rental agreement using customer data already in the system in less than half the time it would take to do same operation by hand. No data re-entry is required.

Service car status – view the status of your courtesy cars, know who and for how long is in possession of your vehicles.

Service car maintenance – keep track of your fleet’s maintenance records. Vehicles being returned by customers are checked for outstanding repairs and flagged for user’s review.

Service car statistics – keep track of your fleet’s usage and costs.

Traffic violations and data retrieval – find out instantly which customer is responsible for traffic violations.

Monitor rental vehicles – lower your rentals car costs.

ImEX utilizes magnetic card readers to minimize data entry. New rental agreement can be created simply by swiping customer’s drivers licence and a credit card.

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