All files located here should only be downloaded and used after consultation with your technical support person.

TSV impound form, save this file in C:imexDll on every computer, save this file to C:ImexReports on every computer.

Also, on the courtesy car print menu you have to define the amount of the administration fee and the amount you wish to charge for loss of use of the TSV. Defined values must be saved on each computer by clicking the “Save” icon next to the appropriate fields. After creating a new rental agreement for the customer, print the new “Impound charges form” in addition to the rental agreement form. Make sure that the customer signs the impound form in 2 spaces provided. The form provided has not been tested in the court system and you are using it on your own risk. Please call with any questions.



ImEX HST setup file

Do NOT use before July 1 2010, use only after all payables and repair orders for time period prior to July 1 have been posted

Barcode font
QuickBooks starter file

version 2007

QuickBooks starter file

version 2008

QuickBooks, version 2010

rollover file

Repair order closing procedures
Customers module manual
Creating return slips
Entering cost of goods invoices
Export IIF files
Tech station procedures
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