About Us

About us

ImEX Systems Inc. is a Canadian company founded in 1988 by a 30 year veteran of the automotive repair industry, Mr. Woody Fic. The company quickly became the solution provider of choice for collision and mechanical repair facilities in Canada and the US, while becoming one of the largest automotive solution providers in North America.

ImEX Systems Inc. specializes in shop management systems and shop automation. We’ve improved the leading management system by creating new interfaces to accounting and estimating software and implementing new solutions like paperless office, electronic invoicing systems, vehicle tracking and others. Many features of our system will make your work easier. You will complete your daily tasks quickly and accurately making your shop more profitable.

It is the flexibility of the system and the willingness of the developers that make it better, that made this system into one of the most popular and respected shop management systems in North America. There are many similar products on the market but, none of them will allow you to manage your business quite the way ImEX will.

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